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Our members are attorneys who focus on areas of the law that particularly affect older people and people with disabilities. The types of problems we help clients with include:

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The 8th Annual Elder Law Summit

Friday, Oct. 6, 2017

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3 hours of Vermont CLE credit

   Camps and Second Homes:
     Ownership Options and
     Succession Planning

  • Jon R. Eggleston, Esq.

   Financial Exploitation of Seniors

  • Victoria Lloyd, Esq.

   Digital Assets

  • Matthew S. Borick, Esq.

9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Vermont Law School

Tuition: $95
    for Members of NAELA or VBA


NAELA Members Only:
  Lunch and Unprogram

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Tempus Fugit


PAULA McCANN has redesigned her website.

The website is deals with end of life, aging and other losses. The site has been updated, to make it easier to access topical material and now includes audio versions of many of the posts. The most viewed post, which has generated international interest, is the one entitled "Sitting Vigil at a Death Bed: A Checklist."

The link to Paula McCann's blog can be found on the Resources page.



has its own page on the website, click here . . . or use the Elder Abuse tab on the navigation bar.



Medicaid information on the Resources page.

At the May, 2014 meeting, Ann Hastings provided a list of the district office workers and supervisors that handle long-term care Medicaid.

Ann also discussed the new possibilities for coverage under the Affordable Care Act. The Department has not had a lot of experience with long-term care through the new MAGI category,which does NOT have a resource test.

By request, links have been added to the ESD/DCF Bulletins for updated regulations and to the Social Security life expectancy table used for annuities and promissory notes.

To access the new information, click here , or or use the Resources tab on the navigation bar.

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